2019 Hanpyeong Garden Festival (Suncheonman National Garden)

Over the Rainbow Garden


  • Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea
  • Exhibition Peroid: September 25, 2018 – October 30, 2019    
  • Scale: 7m*7m






Designer                                                                     Coach



Like the rainbow appears after the rain, our happiness appears in our heart.
A journey to find the rainbow in our heart, "Harmony"
We dream the world that colors of our rainbow merge together and grow mutually.

- In the Wizard of OZ
The story about The Wizard of Oz is the journey of the characters pursuing their dreams over the rainbow.
Also, rainbow symbolizes "Respect and Mutuality of Diversity."
A journey to find the rolex submariner replica rainbow in our heart, "Harmony"
We designed the garden to show "Harmony and the Rainbow of Mutual Growth."





First Harmony : Harmony among our characters

The paint colors of red, yellow, and blue get dark as we combine them together. 
This means that the world will get dark if we are stubborn to our characters and judge others with ego-centrism. 
The light colors of red, green, blue get bright as we combine them together. 
We all have the characters like colors of light, not the colors of paint. 
We can see seven different colors spectrum of light through the prism. 
As we all came from the pool of lights, we can harmonize as each colors of light spectrum.



Second Harmony : Harmony between the nature and the humanity.

True happiness and our future. Rainbow Garden tells the story of mutuality of the nature and the humanity. 
The artwork, Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, Droopy Clocks suggest our unstable society, 
the nature, and our unpredictable future due to cultural destruction. 
With varieties of plants let you feel the phenomenon of our nature, 
junk art-nature object portraits suggests the alternatives to our future.



The rainbow (Happiness) is not something too far to reach. The rainbow (Happiness) is dancing of 
beautiful colors of lights as we respect to each other and the bridge we are building.




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