Blue Lake Art Garden Project in 2018


The Project is…

  • Place : Wetopia Lake
  • First completion : November, 2018
  • Final : 2020
  • Scale : 14ha


Blue Lake Art Garden is an award-winning arts garden project that was created that was selected by Korea’s Ministry of Public Administration and Security 
for ‘People’s Solutions 2018 – contest to solve social problems with the power of citizens’. Located next to Wetopia Garden, 
Wetopia Lake is a lovely sight to behold with its calmness and magnificence. 
However, over the last decade, due to unreasonable sized projects of the government, water blooms occurred 
and the water quality was polluted, and the replica hublot surrounding landscape was left untouched. 
Members of the Wetopia Garden are creating an environmentally-friendly water garden with installation artworks 
that warn against water pollution and garbage problems around the world. 
Worldwide, water pollution is taking the lives of more than a billion people. 
We want to create a 'Water Art Garden' with a message to save 'polluted lakes and rivers' here.





Kwon, Sung-ju            Kim, Jiwoo                 Kang, Heewon           Min, Jin-yeong           Kwon, Jimin


Coach                       Project Manager

Min, Yeong-ju             Kim, Garam



There is a fish with only bones and edges on the lake, like the fish in The Old Man and the Sea. Many people’s support and involvement (crowdfunding) for the skinny and bony fish has been designed to help gradually fill fish flesh with plants. We have included a message in this garden project that we wish many rivers and lakes around the world will revive.


2020 Master Plan



2018 Plan

2018 Elevation


Construction Process



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