The Jonathan Garden



Jonathan Garden is a garden that is a new interpretation of the Korean traditional garden style.
Its concept is 'pursuit'. In the main space that you can see after passing through the garden entrance,
there is a square-shaped 'prevention pond' which is a representative form of the Korean traditional garden.
In the East, traditionally, squares symbolize the 'world'.
Next to the square pond is a question-mark-shaped replicas de relojes españa wall made with the Earthbag Construction method.
Question marks and squares symbolize 'big question thrown at the world and the quest for the world'.

Production year: March, 2016
Scale: 900m2


There is a fire pit inside the question mark wall. Here, people can sit around and talk. 
When you climb further up above the garden, you can see 'Shiny Stage' where performances such as plays, 
dance performances, and concerts are held at each seasonal festival. 
Shiny Stage symbolizes the revealing and unfolding of the 'big question thrown at the world' here.


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