Wetopia School

Wetopia School, located in Bongwha, South Korea, is an independent charter school.
It was founded in 2007 claiming to support adolescents’ self-realization and career development.
We, Wetopia School and its community, implement rural education. 

The students at Wetopia School cook, do the laundry, grow vegetables and raise eco-friendly chickens 
on their own. Also, the school is on a quarter system to promote students’ self-realization. 

The students study gardening and garden designs in Spring; 
outdoor sports including horseback riding and kayaking take place in Summer; 
in Fall, the students take storytelling and debate courses; 
in Winter, they work on Life Planning, a distinguishing class at Wetopia School.




  Wetopia Gardens

Wetopia Gardens, an officially registered private garden, is located on the Wetopia School campus. 
Every student makes his or her own 9-square-meter mini garden every year. 
Also, the students in an advanced course participate in the process of designing 
and maintaining one of the the1-hectare official gardens in Wetopia Gardens. 
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Wetopia School students, additionally, interview and are taught by eminent gardeners and 
garden designers in Korea. Students have presented their work in various garden shows.

Wetopia School graduates and teachers have entered their works in the Hanpyeong Garden Festival hosted by the Suncheonman National Garden in South Korea, and have won the first and second prizes, as well as an award for excellence. inurl:modules.php?name=News nike air max
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‘Humans are thinking nature. Humans and nature are symbiotic.’ Wetopia Gardens aims to create future-oriented and sustainable nature-symbiotic gardens in which the human civilization and nature coexist in harmony.






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