Wetopia Gardens(Wetopia School)


Wetopia School is an independent charter school located in Bonghwa, Korea. It was established in 2007 to claim to stand for a “career development school that nurtures global leaders.” All of the students prepare their own meals, do farming on their own, and raise chickens in a natural poultry farming method, and this implements rural community education.


Wetopia School has a private garden registered in the country named Wetopia Garden. Every student makes their own garden every year. Gardening majors design and build Wetopia Garden that is one-hectare large. They also interview Korea’s leading gardeners and publish articles in the gardening magazine “Monthly Gardening,” and exhibit their gardens in various garden shows. Students and teachers from Wetopia School participated in Hanpyeong Garden Festival hosted by the Suncheonman National Garden, and all of them won the First Prize, Grand Prize, and Excellence Award.

The charter of Wetopia Garden is “human being is nature that thinks,” which looks for the possibility of human civilization and nature to co-exist and create new nature.





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