Gardening Monthly 2018: People Wetopia School Met (1)

Project period: March, 2018 to March 2019


Since 2016, the Wetopia School has run the ‘Garden Career Development’ curriculum. This curriculum is for ‘student garden designers’ selected through self-applications and school review of students who want to pioneer audemars piguet replica their career in the field of gardening and garden design in the future. These students have traveled around the country with their teachers over the past few years and have taken a garden tour to study and learn about gardens. Student garden designers are growing after interviewing a variety of domestic head gardeners and learning about their lives and stories. In 2018, the stories of such head gardeners are being published in the language of students in “Monthly Gardening,” a Korean domestic garden magazine.



  1. Jihae Hwang

2. BC Lee – 1


3. Bc Lee – 2

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