2018 Hanpyeong Garden Festival – Bule bird : The journey of heart fluttering (Suncheonman National Garden)

Bule bird

: The journey of heart fluttering




Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea

Exhibition Peroid: September 14, 2018 – October 30, 2018

Scale: 2.4m*3.6m



Student Designer                                                  Coach                    Project Manager


Sung-ju Kwon             Seon-hwa Kim                               Yeong-ju Min              Garam Kim



Everyone is excited about many different things and has various dreams in their minds in their childhood, but in a dreary city life, they cannot afford that. A journey to find the bluebird in me that flew away. Where did our excitement go? We always went far away looking for happiness and excitement, but the further away we went, the more questions we had to face.

Just as the main character could finally meet a bluebird after coming back home from wandering around for long in a fairy tale, I hope you will take time to look around and take a bluebird in your heart. A gift such as a gift comes to our lives. I hope that such excitement like a gift will come to our lives.








Bird-eyes-view                                                                     Plan


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