2018 Hanpyeong Garden Festival – hope for the flowers (Suncheonman National Garden)

hope for the flowers




Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea

Exhibition Peroid: September 14, 2018 – October 30, 2018

Scale: 2.8m*3.6m





Student Designer                                                                  Coach                    Project Manager


Jimin Kwon                Jiwoo Kim                                            Yeong-ju Min              Garam Kim




“You can be a beautiful butterfly. We’ll all be waiting for you!”

I want to give you hope as you don’t have your wings spread out yet and you are preparing to spread them out.


* This garden was inspired by a fairy tale named ‘Hope for the Flowers’ by Trina Paulus.

At the entrance, there is a bug tower where many caterpillars climb over. After passing through Cocoon Tunnel, a whole new world unfolds. There are new-born butterflies being born through cocoons with flowers in various colors. Butterflies in the shape of men with wings, light their own colors, and fly vigorously toward a new world.


We present the hope and excitement that they can fly away into a new world to everyone who comes to this garden.














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