2018 Hanpyeong Garden Festival – Harmony for WOORI (Suncheonman National Garden)

Harmony for WOORI




Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea

Exhibition Period: September 14, 2018 – October 30, 2018

Scale: 5m*6m





Designer                                                                       Coach                    Project Manager


Jin-Yeong Min            Heewon Kang                        Yeong-ju Min              Garam Kim


Harmony for WOORI

‘Eating alone’, ‘drinking alone’, and ‘travelling alone’ became symbols of this age.

Can we get our broken threads back?

When we gather each other’s unique colors, we produce even greater lights.



As you enter the garden entrance, you will see eight colored wooden pillars. These wooden pillars represent individuals in the world. The colored threads that surround the columns have their own individual colors, and the threads are stretching toward each other. This means that we are connected by a string of invisible bonds. However, while ‘eating alone’, ‘drinking alone’, and ‘traveling alone’ are symbols of the present day, the threads connected to the pillars are broken sometimes, as they show some distances and disconnected relationships.


“This garden is a participatory garden that is completed by people renewing the threads of the bonds that have been broken.”

We are connected and cannot live as individuals. Those who come to the garden bear new bonds by attaching broken threads to the colored wooden pillars. On the side of the garden, there is a built-in Bluetooth speaker for anyone to connect and play music.

In the garden, people connect threads of broken bonds. We share music and become colorful us (WOORI) who coexist. So, it becomes a garden that connects the earth, sky, people, and plants together.












Equipment Plan                                                                       Floor Plan

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