2017 Hanpyeong Garden Festival – Back to Nature (Suncheonman National Garden)

Back to Nature



Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea

Exhibition Peroid: September 14, 2017 – October 30, 2017

Scale: 2.8m*3.6m






Designer                                   Coach


Heewon Kang                                  Yeong-ju Min





The closest space to nature in my house or apartment, balcony.

We go to mountains, rivers, and forests to visit nature, rest and relax.

‘Can I enjoy refreshing rest, relaxation and true break from my apartment or house?’

This question has started the garden of “Back to Nature.”

I designed the balcony garden that I dreamed of as a space for the ‘purification of life’ where I can return to nature and myself in my apartment.














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