2017 Hanpyeong Garden Festival – Blue planet (Suncheonman National Garden)

Blue planet




Place: Suncheonman National Garden in Republic of Korea

Exhibition Peroid: September 14, 2017 – October 30, 2017

Scale: 2.8m*3.6m





Student Designer                                                   Coach                    Project Manager





Blue planet

Isn’t true Biotop a blue planet earth? While dreaming of a beautiful future in which human beings and nature coexist, we say, “We must revive the sick earth.”


Like serious climate changes and wars, we are actually destroying rather than living with nature. We dream of the ideal of overcoming the pain and living with nature.


– Melting Globe: Fill the melting globe with dirt and plant a small pine tree. A small pine tree growing in a sick land symbolizes the hope that the earth will survive.

– The utilization of various wastes: Place things that people threw away in various places nearby, and express how the plants live together in-between.

– Onion net clay wall: Using earthbag construction (self-construction), use onion nets to make walls. Finish with cement and white paint on top. Plants growing in semi-decayed walls and onion nets mean that they break down the boundaries between humans and nature and coexist.





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