Wetopia School Wetopia Gardens   Wetopia School is an independent charter school located in Bonghwa, Korea. It was established in 2007 to claim to stand for a “career development school that nurtures global leaders.” All of the students prepare their own meals, do farming on their own, and raise chickens in a natural poultry farming […]

The Jonathan Garden

Production year: March, 2016 Scale: 900m2   “?” Jonathan Garden is a garden that is a new interpretation of the Korean traditional garden style. Its concept is ‘pursuit’. In the main space that you can see after passing through the garden entrance, there is a square-shaped ‘prevention pond’ which is a representative form of the […]

Wetopia School Garden

‘Wetopia School Garden’ is located on the main building of Wetopia School. Wetopia School, “a school with a garden”, was originally abandoned and shut down, with its playground full of garbage left by the villagers. The teachers of Wetopia School renovated the main building of the school for 15 years and made the large playground […]

Miracle Garden

Production year: October to November, 2016 Scale: 50m2     The Miracle Garden site has one Picrasma quassioides that grows in a crack between rocks. We do not know since when, but this tree grew for decades in a large crack of about 4 meters in height and width, and extended deep into the rock. […]

Welcome Garden

Furtherance: March to June, 2017 Scale: 900m2   Welcome Garden is located at the entrance of Wetopia Garden. This garden is a half-shadow garden of 900m2, built in the summer of 2017. The composition of the planting considered the climate and the change of the four seasons in Bonghwa. Also, it has been planted while […]

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