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Wetopia School Wetopia Gardens   Wetopia School is an independent charter school located in Bonghwa, Korea. It was established in 2007 to claim to stand for a “career development school that nurtures global leaders.” All of the students prepare their own meals, do farming on their own, and raise chickens in a natural poultry farming […]

Gardener Internship

Wetopia Garden runs the ‘Gardener Internship’ program for students who want to study gardening in depth. Students applying to this program will manage all the gardens and greenhouses of the Wetopia Garden, and at the same time will go through gardening theory training. Currently, Jooyong Shin is in the process of Gardner Internship. Gardener Internship

Miniature Garden

The Miniature Garden class is a class for students who are beginning to take garden lessons, where they can create their own little gardens using the pots distributed to each student. A pot can be a very small space, but it is large enough to express themselves with their various hand-made sculptures and charming succulents. […]

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